KSS has a owned weaving unit in Doddaballapura, Bangalore, which consists of 27 looms from Rapier and Sulzer. The unit has facilities for Warping, Selvedge winding and Cone winding.


KSS has an in-house digital printing unit with all machines from Reggiani, Italy. The unit has a capacity to print out 1200 mtrs a day. The individual machines (Renoir 340) have a max width of 120 inches with 8 colour heads.

The work takes place in the following steps:

Padded Fabric is loaded for Printing
Computerized Printing Control Panel with Digital Printing Ink Heads completes Printing
Finished Product is loaded for Ageing done at 102 Degree
Fabric is acquired after Ageing


KSS has a full-fledged fabric cutting unit with all machines imported from Magetron, Italy. The unit includes:

Automatic Vertical Cutting Machine with cutting capacity of 40mtr/min
Automatic Horizontal Cutting Machine with cutting capacity of 20pcs/min for cushion covers and 4pcs/min for 300mtr length for curtains.
Automatic Sewing Machine with capacity for both horizontal & vertical lengths of 16mtr/min


KSS has a state-of-the-art embroidery department along with a hand Sequin attachment unit. The embroidery machines used are procured from Jialun (China), ZSK (Germany), SWF (Korea) and Barudan (Japan). The total machine count includes 4 Embroidery machines with 20 heads & 9 needles per head as well as a 4-head machine for sampling

The basic embroidery making follows the following steps:

Design sample acquired from client
Design Punching on Wilcom software
Embroidery creation


KSS has a cutting department to reduce the finished fabric to different sizes for making varied products. The various machines used are:

Straight cutting machine - Blue Streak II from USA - can cut up to 8 inches thick bed of fabric
Fusing machine - Reliant from UK
Lay cutting machine – Toniy


KSS’ pattern making section has all facilities to make CADs for new development of designs. The equipment used are:

Plotter machine
Design Computer
Digits' Board


KSS has an In-house testing lab, which comprises of the following equipment to check testing parameters like GSM, Crocking (wet & dry), Shrinkage scale, etc.

Ramp hot air oven Digital temp controller
Perspirometer Perspirometer 11™
GSM Round Cutter 912105™
Crock meter CO 251
PH Meter (Portable)™
TEX Lab Hot Plate 701062009™
Accu shrink scale TM 701042009
Weighing scale Digital MW-11series
Grey Scale Assessing Staining C, OF C,0821
Grey Scale Change in Color C, OF C,-0442
Front Load Washing Machine DC68-02583J_EN
Laundrometer MAG-CO 351
IFB Dryer Auto reversing Max dry 550
BEESLEY Balance for Direct yarn count


KSS has an elaborate stitching and sewing department to create the desired product specifications. The various machines used are:

Juki : 56 machines
Brother : 280 machines
Over lock machines : 24 machines


The final touches are given in a quality-controlled unit whose primary focus is to finish the product impeccably. The major protocols followed include ensuring zero ripped seams and avoiding stitch marks, oil stains, needle marks, stitch cuts, etc. The department machinery consists of:

Iron Flat Bed Machine
Manual Ironing
Button Attaching Machine
Eyelet Pressing Machine
Metal detector machine


KSS follows the latest standards of packaging and has been an early adopter of the efficient vacuum packing technique. The method of ‘Compressor or Vacuum packing’ for different products like cushions, helps reduce huge packing cost, carton box volume and transportation cost. This is beneficial to both vendors as well as buyers. Since, after the product is vacuum packed, it occupies 2 times less space in shipping, thereby greatly reducing the ‘Landed cost’. The Buyer can do more value addition in the product, which in turn will increase the sale as well as buying volume. For Vendors, the packing & transportation costs are reduced, which lowers the product cost by 3-5%.


The last step for products before sending shipment is also one of the major step to be handled. All KSS products are properly folded and then packed in plastic bags and further in cartons.

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