KSS innovative range of products includes ever-improving designs and varieties of:
BAGS: Wide range of the latest designs, beautiful colours and soft textures
SCARVES: Premium collection for the fashion-conscious and trend-setters
BED LINENS/ DUVETS: Creating the right ambience for the most personal and intimate spaces of man – the bedroom
APRONS: Easy-to-use and resourceful collection
CURTAINS: Adding elegance to living spaces, our range uses silk, velvet, brocade with varying colours & styles
CUSHION COVERS: A wide and exclusive range of fine designs
DINE COLLECTION: Dramatic, sleek designs and a massive collection for the finest in dining upholstery
And a huge portfolio of Fabrics, Home Furnishings, Apparels, Fashion Accessories and Imitation Jewellery
Dine and Kitchen
Dine and Kitchen2
Dine and Kitchen3
Dine and Kitchen4
Dine and Kitchen5
Dine and Kitchen6
Dine and Kitchen7
Dine and Kitchen8
Dine and Kitchen9
Dine and Kitchen10
Dine and Kitchen11
Dine and Kitchen12
Dine and Kitchen13
Dine and Kitchen14

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